All About Flipping Your Mattress

Before the age of hybrid mattresses and different layered mattresses, flipping a mattress was considered to be a useful method of preventing it from sagging too soon. The process of turning over the mattress to its other face can be described as flipping a mattress. In the earlier days, mattresses were filled with straw, leaves, grass, feather, wool, cotton and so on. This often caused
the mattress to sag pretty soon and have to be replaced. In order to avoid this issue, people started flipping their mattress regularly, to help with the compression of the materials used to fill the mattress. It was not until the late 19th century that the invention of the innerspring mattress brought about a major change to this situation.

When To Flip Your Mattress

When you flip mattress over on to its opposite side, it helps prevent the sagging and depressions in the bed from getting worse. This simple practice can help extend the life of your mattresses up to seven years. Although it is recommended to flip your mattress once a year, you can do it every six months in case the people using the mattress are on the heavier side. By regularly flipping and rotating the mattress, you will be able to slow down its compression and help it last for a longer period of time. According to the experts in the industry, it is a good idea to flip your best quality mattress at least once in a year.

What Happens If You Don’t Flip Your Mattress?

As most people tend to lie in the middle of their bed, they will soon start seeing a noticeable depression in the center. If the mattress is not flipped regularly this depression in the center will keep getting larger resulting in the springs in the bed to lose their resistance and become less firm.
In the worst case scenario, it causes the people using the mattress to suffer from aches and pains and even chronic back pain. All of this could have been easily avoided by flipping the mattress every
few months.

Advantages Of Flipping Your Mattress

Here are a few advantages of flipping your mattress:

Extend the life of the mattress

Like any other home appliance or furniture, the mattress also needs to be looked after and regularly maintained to extend its life as long as possible. Sagging and depression often occur in the mattress after it has been used constantly. In fact, if the people using the mattress are on the heavier side, the sagging becomes noticeable faster than usual. When you flip mattress, the other side of the mattress is given the responsibility of supporting your body while the other side rests and decompresses slowly.

Improves Your Health

When your mattress is in top notch condition, it helps you sleep better at night, thereby improving your physical and mental health at the same time.  When your spine is properly supported, you will notice less back pain. It also reduces the number of times you awake in the middle of the night due to neck or back pain.
Since sleep is linked to good cardiac and mental health, it is essential to get your requisite hours of deep sleep every single day. If your mattress is not flipped regularly, the depression gets worse,thereby affecting your sleep in the long run. This is why flipping your mattress every six months will help improve your health in the long run. So flip mattress to improve your overall health

Reduces Allergens

As per Wakefit, flipping your mattress regularly will ensure that you do your routine maintenance cleaning regularly as well . With more and more people being allergic to allergens like dust mites, regular cleaning has become essential; timely vaccum and flipping of your mattress will help keep those pesky allergens away. So flip bed to reduce allergies and runny noses

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