What is Dengue:- As we know all that Dengue is a viral disease spread by Aedes mosquitos that bite in daytime especially early in the morning or at the time of sunset, Infection can be acquired by a single bite.

Medical Record has shown that the Dengue fever has been around since as early as 1779. However, details on the transmission and the cause of the diseases came to light only in the 20th century.

The primary symptoms of dengue appear 3 to 15 days after the mosquito bite and include high fever and severe headache, with severe pain behind the eyes that is apparent when trying to move the eyes. Other symptoms are joint pain, muscle and bone pain,rash and mild bleeding. There are Different types of Dengue fever and symptoms you can check here Dengue Fever Symptoms.

Some Dengue Fever Facts:-

* It is known to all of us that Dengue is affected by the bite of Mosquioto

* Dengue symptoms start from illness with fever and muscle pain which lasts about one to two weeks

* For Dengue diseases Papaya leaf juice is best ,and we can give pomegranate juice too

* It is found that dengue is mostly found in tropical and subtropical climates worldwide, mostly in urban and semi-urban areas.

* Dengue patient should stay in liquid diet in that phase

*Mosquitoes are mainly attracted to carbon dioxide and body hear

* Still there is no specific medicine or immunization available for Dengue

In some cases, Dengue fever can also become severe and lead to more complicated health concerns, which may even turn fatal. One of the biggest risks that a person suffering from the dengue fever has is dengue hemorrhagic fever or DHF. It is a life-threatening condition that needs immediate medical attention

If you are worried about the recent dengue fever epidemic affecting children? You may be taking lots of precautions to make sure that your children are safe,but sometimes, they just fall sick. Are you worried? If yes then must check for the Dengue Symptoms In Child.

When should one get concerned ?

If you found any symptoms of dengue-like vomiting, headache, high-grade fever, BP Low , then you should immediately go to the doctor . The maximum risk is between 3rd to 7th day of illness. But there is no need to panic and no platelet transfusion is required unless platelet count is less than 10,000 or there is presence of spontaneous bleeding.

How Is Dengue Fever Diagnosed

Dengue fever is usually confirmed in the laboratory by serologic tests on blood sample from patients

How can Dengue fever can be prevented?

For personal protection from mosquitos bites we can take care of a few things like:-

*Never miss to use a mosquito repellent roll and indoor repellents like Goodknight that is easily available in the market and which is easy and effective for both adults and kids.

* It’s good to wear full sleeves clothes

* As dengue mosquito is a day biter so its better if we take care of our kids when they sleeping in the afternoon, the area should have mosquito netting over the bed

*Prevent dengue patients to go in crowded placed offices or school

*Avoid leaving any containers of standing water outside where mosquitoes can breed

* It’s is advisable that we should take a lot if fluid to avoid dehydration in the form of coconut water ,lemonade etc

*Always take care of this precautions of using one tablespoon of petrol over standing water to reprieve mosquito from oxygen which is required for breeding of mosquitoes

After the illness it should be advisable to patients to stay away from patients suffering from fever ,cough, infective diseases. Follow healthy living and eating habits . Do yoga and exercise daily . And include diet with proteins ,vitamins and big minerals and also think positive . I am aware about this because in my family I have seen the cases of dengue in 6-7 members and i know how painful it us during that phase and after that also the patient feel so week so it should be noticed that they health should be taken care with proper care, healthy diet and of course lots of juices or water

And don’t forget to bring GoodKnight in your house which will take care of us


  1. Mosquitoes are spreading many feadde diseases , dengue is one of the most common these days .
    Thank you for this blog now i am aware of symptoms and precutuprec

  2. Good points. I close all windows by 5 pm in the evening. I put a cap of Dettol disinfectant in the drains/standing water and mop also with dettol water. Also, I have planted lemongrass, it is supposed to keep mosquitoes in check.

  3. This is such an informative article. So useful in this unpredictable weather. It is really a very helpful post. Two of my relatives got dengue last year 🙁

  4. GoodKnight is the best option to kill dangerous mosquitoes .. Intresting Topic Pari Ji

  5. Indeed GoodKnight is the best product which help us from mosquitoes and your post gonna help so many people

  6. As the monsoon season becomes active, it’s the time to take the stock of the mosquitoes.
    Thanks for summing up all the vital points, following which we can safeguard ourselves as well as our loved ones from getting gripped by dengue.
    Keep writing such informative posts.

  7. Dengue is a major threat which has come up in the last few years in India. Though his problem has been there for many years, good knight has a solution to this at the grass root level itself. nice post.


  8. I had diagnosed with Malaria twice so I know how dangerous mosquito bite is. I am using Goodknight cool gel for my kid and Goodknight Activ in my house too.

  9. This is such an insightful post and thanks for all the tips and precautions you shared here. The only bad thing I feel about monsoon are the mosquitoes and water borne diseases.

  10. Great post as always Pari. Taking precautions is better than cure. These tips will definitely help. Thanks for sharing xx

  11. It’s really important to take proper precautions from dengue malaria. Goodnight roll on is must.

  12. Goodnight fabric roll on is a blessing I used to apply it not directly on my baby but around the area where she was sleeping and it would help. Dengue is such a bad disease I have faced it.

  13. Dengue poses the greatest risk in highly populated regions with rainy seasons where there are large populations. I always use Good Knight for my family .. Safe and protected

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