Amazing experience with NanoNine’s product

Hi friends ! Hope you all are doing well , today I am gonna share my experience with @nano_nine ‘s products which I am using from more then one months and is quite happy while using it . Currently I am using their 4 different products
So will share my experience about all.

SUPOR STEEL Bottle:- *This bottle is very lightweight which is very easy to carry anywhere we go & 100% steel.
The quality of its stainless steel makes it hygienic, the best bottle who don’t like to use to plastic one. *You can use it for multi-purpose as it’s light weight and has a durable life *Very easy to use it as a fridge bottle *As it’s made of high-grade stainless steel it is more durable compared to plastic. And no worries about leakage at all.

Precaution which should be taken while using it

* Clean with warm water when using for the first time.
* Clean the bottle and bottle cap carefully to avoid bad odour.

BRUNCH lunch box:- This lunch box provides us to have the hot home food while we are miles away from home. *This box is made of none magnetic stainless steel and coated with best quality polyurethane.

This box keeps food fresh for hours., just instantly transfer the steamy hot contents in Brunch without delay and close the lid.
Now no worries to miss the hot home made food with this BRUNCH Box.

INSULOCK insu- single lunch box :- In this lunch box we can keep hot food for hours which enables to keep warm food fresh and also comes with hand removable silicone gasket. The best thing about it that we can carry this lunch anywhere easily .

Features :-
* Easy to clean
* Light weighted
* Air vent lock
* 100% Leakproof Lip
* Air Tight

I am quite happy using this lunch box for my kids .

BELLYNO insu – serving pot :- This serving pot comes with a unique design which saves Roti’s ,yes Everytime the roti get soggy and lose it’s nutrition when we kept it any hot case but this pot retains the freshness of rotis.

Features :-

* Double Wall PUF Coating
* Feather Light
* Freedom from sogginess
* N9 Roti coaster * Multi Storage

Now we can get freedom from sogginess and this dome shape glass lid allows the condensed water to trickle down from the sides and slides below the coaster without dropping on the rotis ,saving top & bottom rotis from getting soggy.

So friends here I am happily using this product which is really good in quality wise ,and would like to give 4.5 star out of 5.

Do check out their products on their
Website where you can get to see more amazing products.

16 thoughts on “Amazing experience with NanoNine’s product”

  1. This is the first time I’m hearing about this brand and its innovative Insu serving pot. We always have the issue of soggy chapati especially towards the ends. This would be so useful.

  2. For the lunch box, I wanted to know how long does the food remains warm? BELLYNO insu – serving pot , sounds perfect for me, as I wanted something to shoo away all the sogginess.

  3. That bellyno serving pot is definitely a star product amongst these. We all get annoyed when the freshly made chapatis or to his get soggy. This is a must have product for every kitchen.

  4. Insulock food pot/lunch box is perfect for carrying curries or gravies. I also love the sound of that Roti serving pot. That’s genius and I’m glad to know that we finally have a product that can save our rotis from getting soggy.

  5. Seems to be a reliable band. I love to use the traditional steel utensils in my kitchen as much as possible. Would love to give it a try.

  6. This is very useful and good product…I used to give chapati to my husband in normal tiffin and they used to get soggy..but with nanonine it remains fresh for hours..

  7. I use to wonder why do women drool over and always shop for new cooking cutlery but 4 years into marriage and now even I am attracted to all these gems you have posted Abt!!

  8. I have used NanoNine products and they are really good quality products.
    Also they are priced reasonably.
    I love your short and honest review here.

  9. The Nanonies products look really useful and convenient accessories for the kitchen. The stainless steel Roti saver is what interests me the mostt.

  10. Looks like amazing product. Good for gifting too. Will surely buy this product soon. Thanks for the review girl.

  11. The products seems of good quality and durable and worth buying. The Tiffin box and insulated water bottle sounds like a perfect companion of daily routine life

  12. This roti pot looks like a dream come true. Can u share a link where I can buy this from, or the rates of the product?

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