Book Review Of My A To Z Of Chennai

Genre – Travelogue
Number of pages – 36
Format- Ebook

About the Book:-

This book is not in terms of different places but food, distinct features of the city and the people of course.

I still remember when I have been there with my parents for my medical checkup but the treatment has been gone for 20 days so we explored Chennai but after reading this post I realized that I have missed visiting many places.

The place which I explored with my parents were Few temples, Marina beach, Nalli’s, problem arise because of the language, sometimes it was difficult to deal with people.

And this book by the writer ” My A To Z of Chennai ” she has written it so beautifully that I started falling in love with Chennai. She has described about the lanes filled with the smell of fresh flowers, food served on the banana leaf and much more. She brings the whole Chennai in this book that this book would be my first reference for everyone who wants to explore Chennai

Chennai is not only about Filter Kaapi, Temples, Kanjeevaram Sarees or beaches it has more to explore. You can get to know from this Ebook My A to Z of Chennai : The City Viewed Through An Outside Eyes.

About the Author :

Mayuri who strongly believe that she left her heart and soul in Bombay, her birth city, calls Chennai her City in law, as this is home to her Husband in law and now her. She is a Tarot card reader, a profile blogger at Srimiri – The Lifestyle Blogazone, a Bibliophile, and a reluctant Agony Aunt. This is her 2nd Ebook.

Overall :-

The author has described about Chennai in a very beautiful way that it feels like that she has captured all the essence of the city in her eyes and her words are just magical. I am sure Chennai people would be surprised to read this book and others who are supposed to plan or planning I must suggest this book to all of them.

You can download the book from : here

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2 thoughts on “Book Review Of My A To Z Of Chennai”

  1. I have been wanting to read this book for a long time now. REading your review makes me want to go back soon and complete it.

  2. I read couple of posts during A to Z challenge and I am aware of Mayuri’s style of writing. She is one of the best in India. I have been to Chennai but haven’t explored much. So I will read this book first and then visit chennai.

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