Challenge Yourself

What is the challenge???

If we take it in a good & positive way,

It’s good for us to improve ourself,

Whether in the field to grow up or our work,

Like the way, I took this A2Z challenge,

I had taken this challenge to improve myself,

To improve my writing skills,

To improve my habit of posting it daily,

To know the value of time,

To know what punctuality means.

By taking this challenge,

I am seeing so many changes in myself,

And believe me, I feel so good,

Though it’s hard sometime to think,

What to write,

But when you start, you just go on,

That’s what a challenge isĀ 

For a writer like me.

So I must say from my personal experience,

if you want to improve yourself,

take life as a challenge, just for yourself,

you will definitely see some good changes in you for sure.

Stay Tuned for the next alphabet of #BlogchatterA2Z April Challenge

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14 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself”

  1. Yes.. we must take challenges to excel. We r our best competitor. Every tym i succeed. I create it as a benchmark n set new higher goals.

  2. Like this tym i hv taken a challenge to b part of #Parilifestyle #1stBirthday giveaway n wish to win fr my Angel.

  3. There are different degree of challenges in life. Some may find getting up early in the morning to be a challenge. Others may find going to bed early is a challenge. Beautify of life is by repeated practice we can make a challenge into a habit. All we need is discipline. Then again, for some discipline is a challenge.

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