Depression ????

There could be many reason to the problem of depression.
But the most significant according to me is…
The society…..It forces a human being into the state of depression.

Now the question arises ………………..How ???? What’s the role of society ???
We are living in a 21st century, but still some families are quite scared to take the patient to a doctor for consultation. They are scared of society. What will the society say for them? That in this family there lives one mental patient. Families don’t want to carry this tag with them, that’s why they leave the patient to deal with the situation in their own way, but I must tell you this is just not right at all.

Depression is not a big disease, if we try to handle it carefully. Person suffering from depression needs more care, concern and love but never give the right to them, that they take you for granted, because there are few depression patients who takes advantage of their illness, who try to blackmail you with their emotions. That’s why I said that you have to take care in an attentive way.

Do you know what depression is ???
“Nothing is more depressing than having everything and still feeling really sad.”

There are different types of depression that affects a person,
Some are those who are not happy in their life as they are not getting much attention from others and hence they start feeling like they are lonely in this world. All such circumstances lead them to this phase and they start living with their loneliness by cutting themselves with everyone.

Some people takes the step of suicide because they are very upset with life, but I must tell you that this is not the right way. Suicide is not the solution for problem. People going through depression becomes so hopeless that they are not in their sense what they are doing that time, so someone should be there to take care of such type of patients.

I personally feel that there should be some sort of counselling classes for such type of people who are not strong to fight with their weakness of depression, so that they can get ahead on the right path.

Some people get violent in their depression phase, thus making it difficult to handle them.

If we try to fight with it ,we can easily get through the phase of depression. It’s just our willpower should be very strong and we should never allow depression to enter in our world.
“Don’t think for a second that your bad days are sign of weakness. Those are the days that you are actually fighting the hardest.”

And its my request to people that don’t treat depression as a big disease. If a person is visiting a doctor for consultation, then it doesn’t mean that the patient is mental, it’s just he needs someone with whom he can share what he is feeling about.

And yes, it’s also a harsh truth that there are few patients who need consultation and it’s a request to people who are scare of society, that stop caring what other will think or say. Why people think that a person is mental if he is suffering from depression. Remember the line of the famous song, “Kuch Toh log kahenge……….Logo ka kaam hai kehna…..” Depression is a phase through which one can get across with love, care and support.

Life is really very beautiful like a rose but it also carries some thorns with it.

“A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.” — Joyce Meyer

If you live your life in a beautiful way, one day it will give you return not now but one day for sure. It’s just you have to believe in yourself, just be positive to fight with this depression.
Always try to help people suffering from depression by giving them more care, attention and sometimes they just need a good conversation which let them feel good from inside. There are far, far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.

To know more about depression you can check here
about its symptoms, types, causes & treatment


  1. Superb info like always.. Happy to read your blogs again and again

  2. Infact society try to all the more deepen the wound instead of healing it. They shouldn’t be given any rights to judge someone’s suffering.
    Very well covered Di..

  3. depression is often misunderstood in our society as mental disorder but its not like that , depression is a state of mind . i wish people understand this and help other people come out of depression

  4. Depression is a harsh reality of life. I wish people take it up seriously as anybody van go through it. Often relatives and closed ones neglect the symptoms, even they should be supportive

  5. Depression is a phase where one needs support, love and NO judgement! And at times a counseling is essential! Really liked the post!

  6. I agree society is a huge contributing factor. Most of the problems can be solved with initial consultation with psychologist or a consultant but families fear of society and are afraid of those initial steps.

  7. Indeed, Life is not a bed of roses and we need to be strong mentally to deal with it. It is a phase where we just need 2 things : 1. Strength 2. Love and support

  8. Depression can’t be ignored. Rather it needs proper counseling. Thanks for sharing such useful information

  9. People thought that I needed pyschiatric treatmebt because I wouldn’t talk much after my father’s demise. I was a new mother and I wouldn’t want to breastfeed my baby. I was in depression and the world kept calling me mad. I decided to take reins in my hands and then it took me over 1.5 years to come out of this dreadful diaease. Great post. I hope it reaches tons of people.

  10. Very thought provoking post on depression. Society is also responsible for the person to be depressed. Depression needs proper care and counseling. Great thoughts.

  11. Its when you don’t find a solution to your problem for a long time then you are forced into the state of depression. Your desired and your ability to do it that way differs that’s where depression play its role. Stay stronginside

  12. Thank you for writing this post. Mental Health is either ignored or collectively hushed. Very less people know that Mental Health affects the physical being too.

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