Enhance Your Natural Glow With Lotus Botanicals

Hello friends! How you are doing well. Finally the season of monsoon is knocking on the door to give us some relief from the scorching heat of sun. With weather changing now and then, increasing pollution, harsh UV rays of the sun, etc., it becomes important to take extra care of your skin to ensure that the skin stays hydrated and moisturized thus enhancing its natural beauty of the skin.

When I was discussing the same with my salon friend, she recommended Lotus Botanicals products to me. On her advice I bought the products and in this post I am going to tell you more about them. So make sure to read till the end of the post to know about the products.


Blending powerful ingredients such as turmeric, rose, chickpea powder, sandalwood powder and 24K gold, Ubtan De-Tan Radiance Face Scrub gently exfoliate impurities and dead skin cells to maintain radiant, supple skin with an even skin tone. This product from Lotus Botanicals is a flawless fusion of nature and cutting edge science and helps in reduction in the appearance of cellulite and leaves the skin feeling nourished. The Ubtan De-Tan Radiance face scrub is dermatologically tested and can be applied to every skin type and by both men & women to restore your natural skin radiance so that you can take on your day with confidence.

Directions of use: Take a small quantity on your palm and apply on your face massaging in circular motion to exfoliate the skin cells.


Pampering your skin with the goodness of traditional ingredients like 24k gold, chickpea, sandalwood and turmeric, Lotus Botanicals Ubtan De-Tan Radiance face and body mask has coolant properties that help relieve your skin from excessive heat and tan. Enriched with lots of zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, minerals and vitamin E, all of which support healthy skin, Ubtan De-Tan face and body mask helps to lessen wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Besides gently nourishing your skin and strengthening your skin barrier, this product is also a great exfoliator that takes away all the dirt and impurities from your skin.

Directions of use: Make a paste with equal parts of rosewater or water and apply it on your face and body with brush or fingers. Further, you can use it twice or thrice a week.


Enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients just like the other two products mentioned above, Ubtan De-Tan Radiance Face Wash enhances natural beauty and helps in restoring elasticity, slowing down collagen depletion and also prevent sagging skin by reducing the breakdown of elastin. This facewash from Lotus Botanicals gently exfoliates the skin, helps to de-tan and can be used by both men and women. This face wash is good for your skin and also brings out a natural radiance. The face wash regulates the sebum production on your skin while giving it a glow from within.

Directions of use: Take a small quantity on your palm and gently apply it on your face and then gently rinse with water.


I have been using the Lotus Botanicals products from last 6 months and I am completely satisfied with the results. Their products enhances natural glow of the skin and help it heal from the effects of environmental factors, lifestyle factors, etc. I would definitely recommend you to try these products and do let me know about your experiences in the comments below. Till Then, Bub-bye!

Note: Products mentioned above are for external use only. People who are having sensitive skin should always patch test the product before full-coverage usage and should discontinue the usage of the product in case of any irritation.

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