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Are you one of them who hold from peeing as you cannot tolerate an alien loo? Or the view of the public toilet horrifies you? Well, the answer will be yes for many of us as it is quite essential to take care of proper hygiene if we want to stay disease free. Infections are susceptible everywhere and can affect both men and women equally, consequently leading to many complications. Let it be Kitchen, bathroom or any nook and corner of our home, we ensure to keep it clean and free from germs as it is one of the requisite for good health but what about when we step outdoor?
The toilet seats in public places such as multiplexes, airport lounges, railway restrooms, etc., are used by many people and hence it is quite contaminated. Being one of the person as stated in my opening lines of this article, I was looking for a product that can be my savior in solving this problem. So I started searching on the internet and came across many products, but after doing a lot of research and review work I decided to buy the Everteen Instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray. I bought it last month and since the day it arrived, this product has become my must have essential in my bag whenever I step out from my house. Through this article I will be telling you more about this product.

A product from the renowned feminine hygiene brand, everteen® Toilet Seat Sanitizer is a safe, effective and instant disinfectant spray for women that ensure to protect them from the risks of infections while using the toilets at public places. This spray comes in a compact, handy and lightweight can that can easily fit in to a handbag or purse thus making it quite portable. All it needs is just 5 seconds to ensure that the toilet seat will be free from germs.
Let me tell you how to use this everteen® Toilet Seat Sanitizer spray. All you need to do is shake the can and hold it upright and spray affected area at elbow-length distance (10 inches). You can use the toilet seat after 5 seconds. There is absolutely no need to wipe it before using the sanitized toilet. Quite an easy process……Isn’t it?

Let me put down the features of everteen® Instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray in bullet points for easy understanding.
• Kills germs in just 5 seconds, helps prevent UTI & other infections.
• A quality product from the renowned feminine health and hygiene expert brand i.e. Everteen.
• This product from everteen is dermatologically tested.
• Provides handy and pleasant hygiene on the go.
• Can be used to sanitize toilet seat, flush lever, faucets and doorknobs.
One can easily purchase this everteen® Toilet Seat Sanitizer spray online on all the major e-commerce websites. It is available on everteen website in a 900 ml can prices at Rs. 185/- only. Beside sanitizing the toilet seat you can also use it to sanitize faucets, taps or even knobs. It deodorizes and leaves a pleasant aroma that lingers for ½ hour. Thus going by the amazing benefits of this product that too without any cons, I recommend everteen® Instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray for all women out there. Feel free to post your queries in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Everteen Toilet Seat Sanitizer”

  1. Bhie ye toilet seat sanitizer to jisne bhi invent ki usko big thanks, hume kitni mushkil se chutti mili
    Mujhe ek baar public toilet use karne se bhayanak infection ho gaya tha, tab se bahut careful rehti hu
    Bag me hamesha hi ek bottle rakhti hu

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