Fantastic Makeup Tips To Amp Up Your Indian Bridal Look

If there is one thing which a bride cares about on her most special day is her appearance. A perfect makeup and touch up not only accentuates the bride’s beauty but also amp up her overall appearance manifold times.
Makeup is surely a daunting and time-consuming task and for the bride, it’s about looking ravishing, attention-grabbing, and stress-free on her wedding day. It is recommended for the bride to pick a renowned Beauty Parlour In Delhi to get the perfect bridal look. However, you can also follow some intriguing makeup tips weeks before your wedding to get a glittering appearance and take your makeup game a notch higher.

1. Stay Oil Free To Get a Smooth Skin for Perfect Makeup

Avoid using oil-rich products to restrict shine build up on the face. Use oil-free products and the right moisturizer to keep your skin oil free and smooth like butter. Remember, the more smooth your skin is, more it will be easier for the makeup artist to render you a gorgeous appearance which can make your groom go gaga for you.

2. Keep Your Eyebrows Game Up

A bride’s eyes spill the real magic on the groom and for that, you need to take
profound care of eyes, eyebrows, and eyelashes. To get the sexy bridal look, use fake eyelashes. Here you have two options. For an adorable look, use individual lashes and for the ravishing appearance, full-length eyelashes are perfect.
For eyebrows, use a prominent brand eyebrow pencil to completely fill your
eyebrows. It is recommended by makeup artists to use two shades of lighter color than your original eyebrow color.
Moreover, use a quality primer to forbid your eyeshadows from creasing. Primer ensures your eyeliner stays for a long time and renders you a perfectionist look.

3. Don’t Ignore Lips Makeup

Shiny, seamless, and symmetrical lips are something a bride strongly desire for. You need to make sure that your lips are not rigid and dry if you want to achieve a perfect bridal look. Use a petroleum jelly or a balm to soften your lips. If your lips are too thin, apply a quality shimmer to render them a fuller look.

It takes immense efforts to achieve and maintain soft lips. 3 months prior to your wedding wherever you go, carry a bag which encloses all the essential items related to the lips care so that you can pay equal attention to lips care.

4. Hire a Hairstylist

It is super important for a bride to finalize the hairstyle for the special day. You should hire a hairstylist which can run multiple hairstyle tests to figure out which hairstyle will match up your makeup and attire. Try out different hairstyles to finalize the particular one and reserve it for the ultimate day.

Also, ask your hairstylist for some tips to keep your hairs lustrous, strong, and
scalp free. A right hairstyle will help you to set the wedding stage on fire.

5. Eat healthy and Organic Food

Organic foods and vegetables provide a natural glow to the skin. Avoid eating oily and junk food and add more and more healthy food in your diet chart to achieve a shiny and natural skin. If you eat healthily, you could avoid problems like pimples and acne.

6. Avoid Last Minute Changes

Yes, you should always avoid any last moment changes like hairstyle, makeup
style, outfit change, accessories change etc. Avoid too many touchups in the last
moment and don’t change your makeup products brand at the last moment.
All the above-mentioned Bridal makeup tips are simple and easy to follow. Follow these tips religiously 3-4 months prior wedding to achieve an impeccable bridal look. Last but not least, maintain your killer smile. No accessories and makeup tips can outmatch your smile.

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  1. The wedding season is on and this is the best post till day. I loved the way you have explained everything so beautifully and in a detailed way.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Bridal makeup need to ne special but at the same time it should not make one look just out of a fairy tale wedding.
    These are some important tips to keep in mind before hiring an artist. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanx for these wonderful tips…I have been reading quite a few of these now that my cousins wedding is approaching soon

  4. these are some very essential tips here. a bride is usually very nervous and emotional these things do skip our attention. will pass on this post to relatives.

  5. These are lovely tips to keep in mind for not just bride but anyone really. Thanks for sharing. Great writeup!

  6. These are basic tips but things people land up forgetting or messing with just before the wedding day. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Property groomed brows are definitely a game changer. Wedding season has started off. This article is very useful for that

  8. Oh yes, and even though people tend to.follow everything else, they just forget the 5th point; to eat healthy! I really hope everyone read this and plan their wedding accordingly.

  9. Wonderful tips. Bridal makeup involves preparation from the going to be bride. Apart from make up, one thing that you have mentioned and I feel is very important is a balance diet. When dinner and lunch invitations are on it’s peak, looking after what is being consumed is very important.

  10. Thanks it was really helpful as I found the lipsticks and the eye lashes of a new brand as my salon artist suggested me and she had been using them for like a year now. I used candylove and I found them to be pretty good. They do also have their own website to purchase. After reading your article I directly went to that website.

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