Household Chores In Which Kids Can Help

Kids are like soft soil. They can be moulded in any desired shape but this moulding is a long-term process. It doesn’t happen overnight. Also, this process required a lot of patience. These days, parents pamper their kids because of their love and they don’t let the kids do any household chores

Due to the kids are mostly glued to their gadgets. This makes it difficult to adapt for the kids if they have to go away from home and family for further studies. They are not able to do the household chores without any help.

One of the important techniques in moulding the kids is to make them participate in household chores. Assigning tasks of household chores to the kids make them feel important and do not make them a couch potato.

There are few tasks that can be assign to the kids to make them habitual of household chores


Filling up the water bottles with drinking water is one of the important things. Usually, everyone drinks the water and keep back the empty water bottle and when the water is required again then there is no water available. Kids can be assigned the duty of keeping a check on the bottles and refill them from time to time.


Teenage kids can be assigned the job of chopping vegetables and fruits. Because this job requires to use the knife or other sharp objects it is advisable to assign this job only to the teenage kids and that too under proper supervision.


Kids can be assigned an area that they have to keeps clean regularly. Kids can do the dusting and mopping regularly and keep it area clean which is assigned to them.


Kids can be assigned the job of regularly watering the plants at home. This job can be very interesting for them as they get close to nature and if they do it regularly, they can learn gardening along with which is in itself a great hobby.


Elder kids can be assigned to take care of their younger siblings. They can take care of the younger kid’s things, that they are properly stored at the appropriate places. They can take care of their younger siblings do not harm themselves unknowingly while playing.

Well, there can be many more activities that can be assigned to the kids. The purpose of these activities is to make the kids active, make them learn new things, make them feel responsible and make them ready if there is a need in the future of taking care of themselves on their own.

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19 thoughts on “Household Chores In Which Kids Can Help”

  1. Very good post about the household chores in which kids can help. Highly informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  2. There could be many areas in which kids can help us. It not only help them in passing time 🙂 but also teaches them life long skills like taking responsibility, filling directions teamwork, self-dependency.

  3. It’s so important to teach kids how to to help in household work and yes even my kids are taking care of plants and my daughter’s taking care of Har little brothers homework and studies.

  4. Yes dear agree we can make our kids responsible at young age by assigning them chores and duties. I am happy that my girls does most of these chores at home to help me.

  5. Making kids responsible for household chores from a young age is really important. Especially in India, where we have the access to domestic help, kids forget their responsibilities.

  6. Oh yes kids could be of great help when it comes to household chores. Taking care of younger siblings can make lot of things easier for the parent. I engage my kids in water plants and cheating their room.

  7. I completely agree with your wonderful and sensitive post. Teaching kids these chores will not only ensure that they help in the house, but also make them more independent and confident.

  8. Involving kids in household chores is really important where they can learn and explore at its helpful for us.

  9. These are some great household chores suggestions to keep kids engaged positively. My son loves doing gardening, and also helps me keep back cleaned utensils.

  10. Helping in domestic chores is fun for kids. My kids assist me in cooking, dusting, watering plants and tidying up too. It’s a good use of their free time.

  11. Again, it is also a significant task to let children know age-appropriate household chores and make them understand to bring under practice. Noted down all the pointers; as a parent, I like to go with my pace.

  12. It is a good practice to introduce kids to sharing the small tasks that they can handle inside the house. This will help them grow as more balanced and strong individuals who will not shirk their responsibilities.

  13. Honestly speaking, these skills are similar to that of the life-skill for kids to be independent I make sure to have my kids participate in all household chores which see enjoys

  14. These are such lovely ideas to let children help in household chores. In this way they can get a feeling of getting responsibilities.

  15. Totally agree with you kids can be trained from an early age and even I have done this with both my kids. Its important that we teach them the importance of house chores and why they should support parents as well.

  16. It is so vital to involve kids in household chores from when they are young and I loved the list of recommendations you made in this post

  17. These are very helpful ways that kids can be involved in home activities day to day life. Especially watering plants and taking care of younger siblings

  18. It’s always great to give responsibilities to kids. They feel equal, important and fill them with a sense of responsibility. It would really help if you can indicate the age group of kids for whom these chores are meant.

  19. These are some helpful suggestions to keep the kids occupied in chores. I encourage my kiddo to clean the desk and work station

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