How Soft Story Retrofit Works During Earthquake?


What is Soft Story Retrofit?

When a building has a fragile base or is constructed poorly previously, the chance of it collapsing during earthquake increases. It may be of wood or non-ductile concrete so it requires renovation. So Soft – Story retrofit services are given by certain associations where they retrofit the parts that were not considered as important earlier or weren’t modern as per the current times.

Soft story retrofit has become an essential element to reduce the risk of life and property.


Why Soft Story retrofit is essential? 


Laws are created for our good. Ordinance 183893 requires the retrofit of buildings that are constructed before 1978, or are made up of wood or non – ductile concrete. Such buildings may collapse easily during an earthquake. In order to prevent such calamities, Ordinance was brought into action to retrofit old buildings.

Once on receiving the order the person must submit order of retrofit or demolish in 2 years, should get the permission to start retrofit or demolish within 3.5 years and should be completely constructed within 7 years

Recently we came across CES4 which provides services like Seismic Retrofit, accessory dwelling unit, reconstruction, civil engineering, remodelling – addition etc. We highly recommend getting retrofit done through them as their team is professional and expert in their area of work.



Seismic Retrofit


Seismic retrofit provides existing structures to make then more resistant. This method reduces the effect on the building of the shake producer by earthquake.

Retrofitting is the process of passion for new features to older buildings, heritage structures, bridges etc. By doing the process we can protect the structure shortly from damage.


Accessory Dwelling units (ADU) 


Accessory dwelling unit is a secondary unit constructed near the main property. It has a separate bathroom and kitchen. It is getting very popular in countries like California to get ADU installed near their home. CES4 has completed several ADU projects till date. They provide the clients with the Latest designs and interior which makes them very popular among them.

With CES4 you can also take suggestions related to an ADU construction and the estimated budget requirement for the construction of it. It is free of cost service. They also provide better suggestion if any based on their years’ experience

Why CES4?


CES4 is a team of professionals who are highly educated in their area of knowledge. They have long term experience and can take prudent decisions based on the building requirements. They offer quick services and are experts in subject matter, so work is done in no time. With a team of specialised workers Seismic team focus on providing best services to clients with minimum cost. They do their work efficiently and are very renowned for their services in South California. They provide all types of services like ADU, soft story program, remodelling etc.


CES4 provides cost effective solution to clients. They are aiming for a sustainable environment so provides quality construction.  Their vision and mission is to complete the work on time and in the best possible manner.


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