How To Choose The Best Commercial Flooring

Why is commercial flooring becoming so popular nowadays? This is a question I used to wonder about often. Then I realised that with time buildings age and look older, new buildings come up, making the old look shabby.

New buildings require commercial flooring as per their design aesthetics and sensibilities. Older buildings could use a facelift. They need commercial flooring, a new coat of paint, and other visual changes to look in sync with the times.

For most, cost plays a major factor in deciding upon the choice of commercial flooring. The next is visual appeal. The third is the structure of the building. For some industries, the time taken to return to operations is most important.

There are so many factors to consider, such as designs and special requirements. How best can you choose your commercial flooring?

Let me help you-

Types of Commercial Floorings are:-


Polished Concrete-

Polished concrete is the most popular choice in flooring. It is durable, is easy to clean, has contemporary and stylish looks. This is extremely affordable and fits almost all budgets. As opposed to other traditional floorings, the cost of maintenance of polished concrete is far lower. What is interesting is that this is also chosen for an important reason. They reflect light. The reflectability causes enterprises to invest in fewer number utilities, reducing utility costs drastically too. This is also sustainable as there is very little wastage from it.

Stained Concrete-

concrete becomes different and is transformed easily. Stained concrete is extremely convenient to customise. Designers use it to give the flooring a more expensive look of marble, granite, or even wood. This is by far one of the most durable floorings that doesn’t chip, crack or fade. It is also easy to clean and nonskid. This is cost-effective and affordable.

Epoxy Flooring-

One of the latest in flooring technology that is fast becoming popular. It is highly preferred in industries that keep many heavy or inflammable products like cars, oil, and gases, airports, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, etc.

They are extremely customisable according to the area of the institution. And are durable and resistant to wear, tear, and abrasions. This flooring can withstand high weight and temperatures. Their chemical resistance makes them a top choice for hazardous or high-performing industries.

Vinyl Flooring-

Vinyl is a synthetic polymer. It adds aesthetics to the intuition without being hard to maintain. The aesthetics look like hardwood or stone. It is available as vinyl composition tile (VCT), luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and vinyl sheet flooring. This is most common in schools, hotels, and other such places. They resist moisture, are not puncturable or dentable. The only problem is they are extremely difficult to remove. While the vinyl is cheap, it is also expensive to remove.


This is one of the more expensive commercial floorings which is used in high-end stores, private offices. These carpets are high on aesthetics and maintenance costs and are not used in most commercial establishments. Therefore, there is a new concept of carpet tiles. They are tiles that, when placed, look like a carpet. They are aesthetic and so so durable.

I fell in love with commercial carpet tile when I saw the collection here. Their tiles are individually amazing and look just so pretty.


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