Lipa Land A Fun Learning App For Kids

Being a mother is sometimes exhausting, but also rewarding. Finding the right toy or game for your kids is a constant struggle. And adding digital technology to the mix makes matters worse. Everything is available at your fingertips. So as mom, I am constantly in my head asking myself, ‘Is this app safe?’, ‘Does it teach any skills or is it just another mindless game?’, ‘How much screen time should I
allow?’, and many more. But I have finally come across the perfect app for my kids. The name of the app is Lipa Land, an app that encourages kids to use the device to get out of the device and balance their use of technology.

Yes, you read it right! Lipa Land inspires our kids to explore the outside world, it’s a family app which is developed by educational specialists & is also approved by the kidSAFE seal program in the United States.

Here I am summing up some of the cool features of this app for parents and for kids as well.
For spending time together as a family:-

* Activities like crafts, puzzle, stories & experiments
* Tips on parenting and child development
* Articles on parenting
* Bedtime stories and audiobooks for shared reading

For kids :-

* Exciting topics like fairy tales, pirates and cars
* Fun and educational games that will help kids to build skills and adapt to kids learning pace and ability

Lipa Land App has a great lineup of activities that promote creativity, imagination, language ability,knowledge about the environment, and many more skills. In this way, we can ensure that kids learn and develop essential life skills.

My favourite thing about this app is that it brings the family together, unlike other apps which isolate kids from their family time. Lipa Land is like no other app. It has so many categories like stories,games, arts and crafts, outdoor activities that takes you out of the device in the real world, and many more. It teaches us about physical wellness, healthy lifestyle, hygiene and safety. All these skills
are vital for every kid’s development.

Lipa Land is suitable not only for kids aged 3-6, but also helpful for their parents and preschool teachers. Trust me, it is truly very helpful which is why I decided to share my experience. The app has a huge number of articles, bedtime stories, and mini games. All the content is based on Lipa’s own early childhood development curriculum. It helps improve kids‘ physical and mental well-being by
encouraging the kids to explore the world around them. Lipa Land app has paid monthly renewal of subscription and it offers full & unlimited access to all the content in the app – games, activities, bedtime stories, and the content is updated regularly. You can go for a free trial of the app to get an idea about it. Opting for paid subscription helps you access all the exciting features of the app.

Overall, Lipa Land is an app which has everything your kids need in one place. So what are you waiting for friends? Download the app and let me also know your experience how you like it. I am confident that parents will love to use this app since it will encourage their kids to do many outdoor activities along with improving their skills.

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  1. Yes finding the right app for kids is a pain these days. Thats great you find one. Thanks for sharing about it.

  2. The app looks super helpful for kids. This way kids are going to learn and explore so many things. this is something every parent would need for their kids

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