Opinion Matters

Every individual is made up of perceptions and opinions.

The perceptions and opinions which are formed are due to his mindset, the mindset which he forms due to his learnings and the experiences of his life. Situations which he has been through in his life form the base of his perceptions and opinions which he uses in living his upcoming life.A

An individual feels the importance of his life when his opinions are welcomed by his family and the society.

Parents have to try to give the best experiences to their child so that are able to form positive opinions about life. If the child feels positive then he will be able to handle the situations in a much better way. The child will be loved by the people around which will also help in his growth.

Most of us are scared to share our opinions because we are not confident enough about sharing them other people even after we know strongly know that we will be saying is correct.

Primarily the reason is being less confident or inferiority complex of public speaking. Such shortage of confidence for sharing our opinions can cost us our success in future as we will not be able to speak out our mind and share our opinion with other people.

The other people will never be able to know what we think and will never take us seriously. Result is that we will be losing more confidence.

This process of development of confidence level in a child and developing the ability to form opinions start right from the childhood. Children learn from their parents. They see and observe whatever is happening around whether inside or outside the family. With these happenings the child forms his opinions.

During the family discussions parents should emphasize that the child should share his opinions about a particular incidents. The child should be freely allowed to share what he thinks about that incident.

The parents should give full respect to the opinion shared by the child and make the child feel that his opinion is important for the family. Parents should consider the child’s opinion for the further decision making or try to correct the child’s opinion logically.

Such simple process which starts from the family will make the child confident. The child will then try to think more logically and form his opinions because he is having this surety that his opinions matter to the family and to the other people as well. This will add tremendous confidence in the child.The child will consider himself as the part of the team hence enhancing teamwork.

If the child feels confident about his opinions, if he is able to think positively and that his opinions matter to other people then it will add up to the success of child in future.

When the child will become an adult this confident will help him to share his opinions with the world without any hesitation.



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