Remind Them They Are Special

Life is full of success and failures. We keep achieving them at regular intervals in our life. It keeps going on and on like this. Success brings happiness to us where as failure brings sorrows. We enjoy the time of success with our family and friends and when we fail we isolate ourselves from the world and dive into the deep well of sadness.

To come out of this sadness one requires a lot of courage. Instead of blaming ourselves for the failure we must try to ascertain the causes of failure, where we went wrong. We need to have a logical thinking and do reasoning with all the causes we are able to identify and then keeping our strengths in mind and keeping in mind the reasons identified for the failure we need to prepare strategies for our next course of action and turn the failure into success.

The above things become a lot different when it comes to kids. Kids too have their own experiences of success and failure. They too face such situations continuously.

These situations may come from their own home, their school, between the friends etc. Sometimes the situations are very harsh and the children start feeling very negative about them. They feel unconfident. If such feelings continue to persist inside the children then it could be very harmful for their future.

To avoid such situations and make sure that the child doesn’t lose the confidence, the parents have to come for the rescue and act as their child’s cover. Parents should note if there is a change in their child’s behavior and if they find any change then should try to find out the reason behind it.

Every child is having something special in them. They comprise of qualities which make them unique and different from other children. These qualities help them achieve their tasks in their own way.

Parents need to act as mentors to their child. Usually when any bad incident happens to a child, as discussed above, it becomes quite natural for a child to fall short of confidence. At such times parents should come to the rescue of their child. Parents are the only people who can or you may say they are the only people who are capable of identifying the qualities / talents which are hidden inside their child.

Parents need to take care of their child emotionally. They need to boost of the confidence of their child. Parents need to remind the child about their qualities and their talents and can guide them on how they need to take on the problem. Parents need to remind their child that they are special and if the child utilizes their talents then they can take on this world.


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