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Hope you all are doing well. Well, today I am adding a new category in my blog. It’s for Book Reviews. And today I am going to review Vidhya Thakkar’s One Letter A Time.

As this is my first review, so I am super excited to share my experience of reading this ebook with you all and hope you all are going to love it just like my previous posts. I truly thank you all for taking out your precious time and visit my blog.

But let me first congratulate Vidhya Thakkar for her first ebook and to become an author from a blogger. A loud applause for her on adding yet another feather in her cap. I have read her blog during A2Z blogchatter but can’t continue with all the post due to some personal reason. But now I am glad that I got the opportunity to read the ebook written by her.

Vidhya Thakkar is an aspiring writer, a blogger and a Digital marketing professional. She believes to follow her passion and love to do what she loves.

Letters of love is a series of letters which we can read in any mood. Let it be sad, happy or feeling like giving up in our life.
We can pick one letter at a time which is just like a sunshine as it brings a positivity and smile on our face. Through this letter she tries to give us a message of positivity , how one can feel good, the power of giving but without expecting from anyone, the power of fight with ourself, the power of being positive in our life.

I really like the concept of this book to spread positivity among people who are sad or upset with their life. This ebook is a must read for all especially for them who are feeling low in life. I am sure by reading this ebook one must get inspired to have positivity in their life.

Overall experience of mine – While reading this book from start to finish, it inspires me a lot. I have found that no matter how much upset we are from life, we should never give up. We should always believe in giving as it is rightly said Life is all about how you fill the dash between the birth and death. Live happily and spread happiness in other’s life as well.

There were some lines in the letters which I like the most. So here I am sharing some lines with you here

” Remember to make every moment count. Remember to find positivity in everything that happens for a reason ”

” Be there for everyone even if they don’t like you or hog don’t like them. Stand there like firm support.”

” Sunshine ,you’re learning the biggest lesson of life, you’re learning to let go.”

” Calm down Sunshine, This too shall pass. You’ll learn to love again. This time, wisely

From this ebook I understand that if we try we can fight with any difficulties and life is not so bad that we always believe in giving up. Just believe to live in every moment of life and appreciate it 🙂

Book Title – One Letter A Time

Genre – Anthology

Author – Vidhya Thakkar

Number of Pages – 48

Publisher – BlogChatter

Format – eBook

This review is under the Blogchatter book review program

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  1. Nicely described main ab books ya e books nahi read kar paati per ye bahut interesting hai

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