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Seer Secrets Aloe Vera, Chironji & Carrot Seed SPF 21 Milk Lotion with Micronised Zinc Oxide UVA UVB Protection from @seersecrets . A best lotion which will keep you safe from sunlight and will protect your beautiful skin. . It’s easy to apply all areas of exposed skin even when you’re on the go.It doubles as physical sunscreen with natural sunblock barriers and has great setting properties in skin crevices.
Net Weight: 100 ML. Rs. 459/- #seersecrets
A product which you can use in this summer, I am personally using it so can say its the best one for our skin

Seer Secrets Five Mint Specie Heat Absorbing Body & Foot Mist product from @seersecrets

A best product which we can use in summer specially which act as gentle & effective natural body cooler that provide regenerating & hydrate effects on heat affected skin. Best way to cut the heat while travelling, being outdoor in the sun & wish to protect yourself from the harsh solar energy which could drain the body coolants. The specified herbs that are added in this mist converts the hot air into cold breeze.
A herbs product which is best for everyone and its come in INR Rs 396/- on amazon
for 100ML .
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