Some Effective Ways To Have A Sound Sleep

With so many cobwebs settling in our lives, many-a-times we are not able to manage our personal and professional life in a proper way. In order to reach our goals we start neglecting our health and eventually forgets that Health is the real wealth. We are unable to get a perfect sleep which is quite important to stay fit and healthy. A sound sleep in night is as important for our health as eating healthy and exercising.

Let me tell you about the importance of sleep in a simple way. Think of your body as a factory that has to perform certain functions so as to stay fit, healthy and moving. When you sleep your body begins its night shift work that includes healing damaged cells, boosting your immune system, recovering from the day’s activities, recharging your heart and cardiovascular system, etc.

So in this article of mine, I will be telling you about some effective ways to have a sound sleep in the night.

1) Avoiding Cigarettes, Alcohols and Heavy meals : Avoid consuming these things especially in the afternoon as these can disrupt sleep. Eating big or spicy meals before sleeping can cause discomfort from indigestion, thus making it hard to sleep. If you are feeling hungry then you can go for a light snack 45 minutes before bed.

2) Sticking to a sleep schedule: Well this is quite important. Try to follow a schedule of the same bedtime and wakeup time even on the weekends as it helps to regulate the body’s clock which will ensure that you fall asleep at your regular time.

3) Avoiding Naps: If you are having trouble in sleeping at night, then your afternoon naps could be one of the reason so try to avoid naps during afternoon. Power naps could be a good option for you but if they are the reason because of which you are finding it difficult to sleep at night then it is better to eliminate them.

4) Exercising daily: If you are working out daily then it is good for sleeping. Vigorous exercise is definitely good. Even the light exercise is better than no activity. As once you are tired your body demands rest and hence you fall asleep quickly.

5) Finding the perfect Mattress and Pillows: Comfortable and supportive mattress and pillows are ideal for sleeping. Make sure that they are free from allergens and objects that might cause you to slip or fall if you have to get up during the night.

6) Taking sleep Aiding Tablets: Well this is yet another effective way to fall asleep in night. One such tablets are Nature Sure SOMNI Natural Sleep Aid Tablets. These tablets are an Ayurvedic formulation of carefully selected herbs that have been traditionally known to help manage sleep disorders, nervous debility, fatigue and stress.

Talking about the ingredients of these tablets it includes Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Vatch, Kali Mirch, Gajwaan, Khurasin Ajwain, Amla, Pipla Mool. A mix of these herbs helps that you get a sound sleep in the night.

Dosage of these tablets is quite easy as well. All you need to do is to take one to two tablets (or as advised by the physician) with water before going to bed.

I am sure to that the above mentioned ways are sure to help you get sound sleep and hence get rid of insomnia. As sleepless night places a tremendous strain on your nervous system, body and consequently affecting your overall health as well. So if you are not having proper sleep or you are not feeling relaxed when you wake up in the morning, it will be good that you try the above steps or you can talk to your doctor and ask if a sleep study is right for you. Remember ‘A healthy Mind Dwells In A Healthy Body’. Happy Sleeping.

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19 thoughts on “Some Effective Ways To Have A Sound Sleep”

  1. My mom also faced this sleeping problem but thanks to this it’s helps a lot to her.

  2. This post of your is definitely going to help the insomniac person like me. Will definitely try out the tips listed in the post and will share my experience with you. Thanks for this helpful post.

  3. I sleep really well but my dad is having trouble sleeping these days… Will ask him to follow these tips! ❤️

  4. Indeed some great tips for those who suffer sleepless nights. I will share these tips with my friend, who is suffering from insomnia. Great post.

  5. Very helpful tips. Following a routine and a sleep schedule is extremely important for me before bedtime. There is a herbal tea by Organic India called Tulsi Sleep which has really helped me in stressful times.

  6. Sound sleep kya hoti hai, iska sapna bhi nahi aata (
    Sach me week me ek baar bhi aisi neend aa jaye to 3/4 problems to apne aap solve ho jaye

  7. Sleep is so elusive for most in these stress-filled times. The pointers for good sleep are really effective. The pills may help but it is better to have a healthy mind for a healthy sleep I feel.

  8. These are some helpful points to have sound sleep, I prefer reading book before sleeping.

  9. I have a sleep problem and read this post avidly. I will try some of the points you have explained and try out the nature cure medicine too if nothing works!

  10. I am not too keen on medication for sleeping but I firmly believe in some of your other pointers. Exercise and healthy eating are best!

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