The kind of fun to do the impossible is simply amazing

Everyone knows that I love cooking but no one knows that I was not so much fond of cooking before marriage. It was only on occasion, birthday or on some special celebrations, when I used to cook some good dishes for my family & friends as it used to be a way of mine to show them how special they are for me.

But after marriage it has been a daily routine for me to cook. So I started taking it as my hobby and believe me, slowly I started loving it. Though it was impossible for me to make a perfect chapati & bhaji, but then it was fun too as my mother in law used to taught me how to make perfect chapati and simple food as I was expert in different type of cuisines but not in simple food.

Then the season of Masterchef India started and I use to follow it and started making some fun dishes after getting inspired from the contestants and Chefs. I remember once they taught how to make Cone & Basket of potato /noddles. I took it as a challenge, though it was impossible for me, but then I always have a believe that if you keep trying with all your efforts, you will surely succeed one day. So I give it a chance and you can’t believe that both the things come out perfectly. in fact, everyone in my family love to had these two dishes. It was really fun making both of them.

Whenever I get time I make these two dishes for my family & friends or whenever I have new guest at my home.
Masterchef India has inspired me a lot. I started loving cooking and the best part is that I try to make dishes in an innovative ways. I use to give dishes a different twist like my mother in law always make Sweet rice at home but I tried it in a different way and I made sweet rice and Revdi too. Then I present this dish in a new style by giving it a new name.

This is what I do in my daily life which is really a different kind of fun as I try to do the things that seems to be impossible for me. I am sharing some pictures of my innovative dishes in this post. Hope you guys will like it.

This blog is a part of the #WeeklyBlogHop hosted by Alpana and Neha I would like to Thanks Gunjan for introducing me to this blog hop and would further like to introduce Pragnya to share her take on the prompt .

Prompts :- It is kind of fun to do the impossible

25 thoughts on “The kind of fun to do the impossible is simply amazing”

  1. Priyal, I am glad that you started loving something that you were not too fond of. After all, life is all about doing things which are kind of fun and a little impossible.

  2. That’s really good to know. Most often people who are great at something at one point if time would have not liked when they initially got into it. It takes the passion and dedication to achieve something.

  3. Lovely post Priyal! I love how you let your creativity flow through your cooking skills as well as your writing skills!

  4. So good to read this Priyal…following something creatively makes a regular chore like cooking so much more interesting!

  5. Cooking and I agree that we can’t be friends. But I like watching cookery shows. Later most inspired cooking was put in front of my husband who took a life calling in ruling the kitchen now. There I was never passionate about it. But you took a passionate dive which reflect even on these words here, Priyal.

  6. This is just so amazing, Priyal. You found your passion and did the impossible things and amazed everyone with your skills. Kudos to you!

  7. I love cooking too especially a lot after marriage 🙂 I can very well co-relate to these situations. Loved the way you attempted MasterChef recipes, I will do the same soon 🙂
    #WeeklyBloghop #bloghop #GWNxMG

  8. That’s actually a great achievement Priyal cause even I didnt cook before marriage but eventually the impossible thing became possible and I just love it

  9. That’s the spirit Priyal. Glad you tried and made one. Keep getting inspired and let those creative juices flowing. Looking forward to such interesting challenges you take for yourself

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