The Untold Truth

From the day she was born, she saw discrimination.

Discrimination between religion, caste, colour and the worst one, gender.

As a girl, she was taught to speak softly, learn the household work.

She was taught to be quiet and not oppose anything.

She was told not to go out of the house alone.
When she wanted to finish her education she was scolded.

They said ‘ what are you going to do by studying ‘ total waste of money.

She got dismal, she could not understand anything.

And when she was trying to, she saw blood.
Totally mucked up with her life.

Yes, she was left lonesome

P.S This post is written by my daughter, she tried to write in 100wordstory

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12 thoughts on “The Untold Truth”

  1. Arey wah, bitiya to bahut talented n samjhdaar bhi hai
    Bahut hi accha n saccha likha keep it up beta

  2. Even though we will be entering 2020, these things are still common, they still exist and I just hope someday somehow they just become a history.

  3. Very well written by your talented daughter. Sadly we still have these issues in 2019 and I hope our next generation stays in a world free of these #arushireads #alexanonstop

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