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The world experienced a crisis when the Covid-19 virus spread like wildfire in December 2019. With its advent in India too, there has been an indefinite lockdown in the country. As a result, people are forbidden to go to work. While some may have government jobs, a majority of our population subsist on private or part-time jobs.

In this present scenario, the later sections of the society are suffering from unemployment and lack of money. However, the world has coped with working from home and there are plenty of jobs available online. There is no need to step out of your house to earn money. There is no need of physical presence to have a job.

There are many best work from home jobs you can do and earn money online in India while you relax at home:-

1)Online tutoring

Since the educational institutions are currently shut, students find a dire need of tutors. If you have a sound knowledge of any subject, you are eligible for online tutoring. There are several sites like Fiverr, Internshala and others that allow you to choose such online jobs and apply for them. What are you waiting for? Become an online tutor and earn money from home!

2) YouTube

Have you been wondering about posting a video somewhere? YouTube is the perfect platform to showcase your skills. Be it a cooking recipe or your dancing talent, Youtube provides space for each and everyone. There is no need for heavy and costly equipment to make videos. You can get started even with an Android phone. If your content is original and relevant, you can easily garner 600 views a day. The start to YouTube can however be slow. You really have to be patient to get a steady number of views and subscribers. Unless you are willing to give up easily, YouTube is a perfect platform.

3) Audiobook Narrator

Now that audiobooks have become popular, companies require Audiobook narrators. Amazon and other organisations pay a sufficient amount to their audiobook narrators. It can be the perfect way to earn money during this crisis. To start with, you must be fluent in the language you wish to read. You should also be able to emote the feelings of the characters in a book. You should be able to indulge the listener in the world of the story. To achieve these requirements, you must practice reading daily. With a little effort, you can become a great narrator.

4)Freelance writer

Nothing is better than writing in your free time. Freelance writing allows you to bring out your skill in writing and earn money at the same time. Different platforms like Internshala,, Fiverr, Frapp allow you to apply for writing jobs. The jobs can be full time as well as part time. The choice is entirely yours. Here again, the start can be slow. You might not get handsomely paid. But as your experience increases, you will start getting better offers. For starting a writing career, one must be clear about the grammar and style of writing. There are free online courses that teach you about the art of writing.

5) Blogging

If you love traveling or cooking or any exciting activity, blogging can help you earn money. All you need is a blog site where you can share your experiences. You can make your blog attractive by posting pictures as well. Also, once you get a steady number of views, you can also post sponsored advertisements and earn money. You don’t need any particular skill for blogging. The content just comes from within the heart.

6)Making masks

In the time of Coronavirus, masks have become an indispensable part of our day to day lives. Masks are sure to stay several years after the end of this pandemic. Hence, making masks would be a judicious way to help people and earn money at the same time. You can easily create cloth masks or synthetic masks with minimum material. Since there is a high demand in the market, you can easily sell a bulk of masks in a day. You can set a price of your own choice and get this mini start-up running.

7)Online Surveys

It is well known by now that filling up surveys can earn you money. Google Rewards, Opinion Survey are some of the few sites that provide money for filling up surveys. The downside of taking surveys is that you have to fill a large number of surveys to earn a decent amount. However, if you are free at home, put in a little extra time and earn money. There is no hurry to go to work now.


Rather than getting bored in this lockdown, do something productive and earn money. It will give you a sense of satisfaction and joy. After all, not everyone gets to stay and earn at home.

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Ashish is a passionate digital Marketing Manager with over 5 years of experience. He has a keen interest in blogging and he writes and manages trendpickle in his free time.

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  1. Freelancing writing is trending and freelancing won’t make you rich overnight but can fulfill your all small desires like going on a trip , buying new gadgets and many more.

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