Vices and their long term impacts


Each parent is always worried about their kid. What if the kid develops any bad habit and how will they be able to keep their kid away from it? How much damage will that bad habit can do to the kid? All their life the parents keep protecting their child from the vices which could potentially damage their kid’s future.

Vices if not taken care at the correct time may make situation very bad for future of the kids. We need to make the kid understand the difference between right and wrong, what will be good for their future and what could possibly destroy their future.It is a tedious and ongoing process. There is no stage where a parent can completely be sure that they are able to protect their child completely from the prevailing bad habits.

There are various ways through which parents can help their kids. Parents need to talk to their kids. They need to talk to the kids about the bad influences, talk to them how a bad influence that put their future in danger, how a bad influence can make them undesirable by the society and finally the ways which kids can adopt to keep themselves away from these bad influences.

Parents should help their kids to develop good habits right from the start. They need to keep talking to them regularly. They need to guide them continuously. They need to show them both the good and bad picture of the society and make them do activities which will direct the kids to take up good habits and add them in their lifestyle.

The current generation kids are very vulnerable. As kid’s decision making power is very weak in the start they are not able to decide about what is good and what is bad for their life. At the same time bad influences are very attractive. They attract a lot and the kids got pulled towards them very easily. They take up the vices very easily.

Parents need to keep a check on their regularly. The activities the kids do all the time, what are their hobbies, who are their friends, what are their interests. From these analysis parents can determine if any bad vice has taken over their kid so that they can take necessary precaution immediately and prevent them from happening in the future to their kids.

It’s a tricky thing but this needs to be done with care as to develop better future for the kid and for the society as a whole.

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