What Are The Health Benefits Of Morning Walk


Human beings ignore their health. We are so badly caught in a rat race that we seldom ignore our most prestigious possession i.e. our body and health. Health should always be given the utmost priority in our lives because of the simple reason that we will be able to take care of our family and work in a proper way only if we are healthy. With a weaker or ill body we may never be able to provide the means of livelihood to our family in a proper way. Moreover, we will be like a burden to them.

Taking care of health is important

If we talk about taking care of our health then the first and the foremost thing which a person should start doing is having a regular ‘morning walk’. This should be the first thing of the day in everyone’s schedule. Just like a simple concept of a machinery where we turn it on and let it run ideal for sometime so that the parts of the machinery gets warmed up and get ready to take on the workload.

Similarly, our body is also like a machine. By doing morning walk we are giving the necessary ideal runtime to the body so that it gets warmed up and ready to take on the stresses and physical jerks which may happen throughout the day.

Not everyone can go to the gym regularly and pay their monthly charges. The concept of morning walk is free of cost, you don’t need any machine or equipment nor any trainer. All you need is a clean path to walk upon. Even the doctors advise “If we do a regular morning brisk walk for 30-45 minutes then it is considered as a complete workout to keep a body healthy”. A person can control his cholesterol, keep his weight in check and can avoid many other health related issues.

Having a morning walk is having many other advantages too.

Another paradigm states that in the morning when the pollution is less and there is calm and peace in the environment we can connect with nature and hence with ourselves spiritually. While having a morning walk we can plan our day’s schedule or think about other important things of our life.

All in all, adding a morning walk to our schedule is like gifting ourself a healthy and happy life.


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