Where there is a will


It is rightly said that “where there is a will, there is way” and where there is no will there is always confusion, halfhearted decisions, negativity and uncertainty about future.

We as an individual have a list of goals which we wish to achieve in our lives. But we are not able to achieve all of them. Ever asked the question ’WHY’? Achievement of goals needs a strong back up of our will / desire to achieve it. The level of commitment, the urge to achieve it, the hardwork you put to achieve something makes all the difference. A goal which is not supported by a strong will to achieve will automatically makes it unachievable or very difficult to achieve. It depends upon the priority we have set for our goals.

As it is said that the word ‘impossible’ itself says that I-M-POSSIBLE, similarly a goal if backed up by a strong will to achieve it, no matter what adds a soul to the purpose. You are willing to give your 100% or more than 100% to it and since you are having a strong will to achieve the path becomes easy.

Having a strong will / desire will make the goal looks like easily achievable. It makes you emotionally stronger and your efforts keep increasing with time. Having a right attitude sets up an arena for you to play your game in your own way.

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