ZEE5 Club Pack – My Daily Ritual To Unwind

My Daily Ritual To Unwind

The current scenario of pandemic has been tough on all of us. After a long hard day of work, all one wants to do in unwind and take a break from reality. In such troubling times OTT platforms came as a saviour and provided us the entertaining content that could keep us engaged and help us to unwind.But as the content was available on different apps, it will became an uphill task trying to balance different apps for different content.

If I wanted to watch a crime thriller, I would have to check out one OTT platform, if I wanted to watch drama, thriller,romantic, I had to go to various different platforms. It started becoming more of a hassle than entertainment. Finally I came across ZEE5 and all my worries were put to an end. This is a single OTT subscriber whose content wasn’t restricted by language. It had content from all range of emotions from drama, crime, thriller, romance to languages like Tamil, Telugu Movies etc.


Recently, ZEE5 has launched a club pack which is a sort of complete package that offers TV, originals shows, ALT Balaji , Zindagi series more than thousand movies including regional series and movies including kids as well. The ‘sone pe suhaga’ moment is that you can watch the latest episodes of your favorite daily soaps before they go on-air. So you don’t have to wait for a day to watch what new twist is going to affect the love story of Abhishek and Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya. Allowing access through more than one device, this pack is available at quite an affordable price that makes it a steal deal. I opted for this pack and now I am completely hooked on the this app.


I am even more excited because this brings all my favorite genres and the things that appeal to me as a woman, under one umbrella. There is something exciting about not having to change platforms to watch shows. Like on Alt Balaji, one could only watch Balaji shows, but on club pack, I could watch Alt Balaji along with my other Zindagi and before tv shows.

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The USP of watching TV shows on this app, (I do check out information on them beforehand on ZEE5 is that the grating advertisements which plague a show, break the storyline and our concentration is absent. This is an ott platform which is completely ad free, therefore, it helps you appreciate the story.

Last night I finished watching a Bangla movie about love and loss, today to offset the emotions that are evoked in me, I watched an original Baarish. Then I have a list of Malayalam movies on my watch list for when I finish this. The availability of over 1000+ movies and various shows from across genres makes ZEE5 Club Pack a subscription which I want to advocate for. We women who are new-age and don’t associate with the ethos of regressive shows on other platforms, needed this modern and sorted thought show.

Different Types Of Shows /Movies/Series

ZEE5 and alt balaji shows also brought to me the real rural India without the misgivings associated with it. Gandi Baat, Virgin Bhaskar, explores the sensuality and reality and choice of the folks there. Zindagi shows talk about women, relationships, love, life. They are shows which have meaning and warmth.

Telugu, Hindi, english, tamil movies, it feels like I am a kid who has been left in a candy store. ZEE5 club pack also promises some more interesting originals on father daughter relations, a mother and her fight for her children, a lady who deals with society amongst others. This is a groundbreaking ott platform which is offering us women some good me time with meaningful content. Check out the ZEE5 Club Pack whereby you will understand what is making me gush.

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