Counselling Of Depression

Fighting with depression is quite a tough job, because it’s the worst disease which one can deal with.
Living with depression can be difficult for the person and also to those who are around them. Sometime they might feel so lazy that they just don’t want to get out of the bed and sometimes they feel so energetic that they just want to work continuously without taking a break.
Depression patient need extra care, more love and sometimes this lack of patience, leads to frustration in those people who are dealing with people suffering from depression, but the patient is also helpless because things are not in their hand. 
It’s really too tough to deal with it, one has to be very STRONG. You can go through this
post written by me, where I have told the ways to deal with depression and how the society treats a depression patient. 
I personally feel that the person suffering from depression needs someone who can help him/her, someone with whom they can consult, someone who can help solve their problems and help to move them out from there current state to a much better happy state. To know what exactly consulting is you should check this ‘what is consulting’
A Depression is a stage which makes the person so helpless that sometimes the person doesn’t know what exactly he is doing with his life .

Sometimes some meditation or a long conversation with someone helps, but if the stage of depression is not in control then it’s better to visit a counsellor, as a counsellor help the person to come out from this difficult stage. 
Though it’s not easy to come out easily but if the person’s willpower is strong and he himself wants to get out of this state, it becomes a smooth process. Though he may need a lot of time to get back into the normal stage. 
In today’s time , most people are going through the phase of depression. Some due to workload, others because of family matters, a few are going on an emotional basis, while some people suffers because of the tension of starting a new business that how he/she is going handle it, how the things will be managed and many other things.

I feel it’s better if we discuss this and take out everything that’s bothering us, then we can feel better and can concentrate on our work nicely and work on our full potential. This is what needed in today’s time. A relaxed mind to work in a calm mood to deliver the best results

It’s always being to keep ourself engaged and surrounded with people and enjoy life as it comes because everyone can’t get everything in life and to manage everything, we have to be perfect so that things can be manage by us in a right manner. 
Ups and downs are a part of life. The thing that matters the most is the determination in
work and the attitude to give your best and leave the rest on destiny. Remember,
“Hard work always reaps sweet fruits”.
And always believe to take advice from a person or you can choose a consultant because they may help you to take a better decision, and also you can hire them for any individual work. It all depends on your needs i.e. what exactly your purpose is. Don’t bother what others will say or think, take the right decision to lead your life on the path of progress

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8 thoughts on “Counselling Of Depression”

  1. Depression is the biggest worry these days. One needs to find comfort in someone with whom they can share their thoughts and feelings. Nice post 🙂
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  2. I can totally relate to it. As im a patient of depression. I always want somebody to listen to me and help me when I need it. I feel blessed when my husband understands the situation and always help to get over it.

  3. Well written and relevant post in today’s context. Sadly in our country, mental health is neglected and hopefully your post will generate the much needed awareness on importance of counselling.

  4. Most of the time people are not aware that they are suffering from we need to identify and accept that this depression needs to be addressed immediately

  5. Hi, depression without a doubt is a common, serious and treatable condition. Treating individuals with depressive illness requires holistic approach. Of course antidepressants and other pharmacological treatments are important but most of all also to incorporate person centred approach assisting individuals with empathy, care and kindness as there is no substitute to these. I often find people saying, “just snap out of it”…wish it was that easy! Well written article and perhaps would be useful to see more similar articles with simple practical tips to help individuals.

    1. I would love to write more on this so that people can get little help from my article .. I am working on it ,let’s see if I come up with any soon 🙂

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