Importance Of Spending Time With Family

Man is a social animal. They need company of other human beings throughout their lives. No person can live all his life staying alone or cut off from other people or the world. A person finds company through various mode like family, friends, social gathering and his work. In this blog I would like to present my views about spending time with family specially for kids. In today’s high tech world it has been observed that kids are reluctant towards spending time with their families. They are inclined towards trusting people more outside their family.

In my opinion following are the benefits of spending time with your family



Family gives an individual his first lesson towards socialization. A kid has first ever interaction of his life with his family. He learns to live with the people of his family and develops the sense of adjusting with them which gives him a solid learning about how he has to adjust himself with the people outside his family once he grows up.


No matter how grown up you become your family will never give up on you. The blood relations are always the first people who will be available for you whenever in need. These roots never gets loosened up.


A kid learns the art of teamwork from his family. Usually in families everyone has a set of task which they have to perform and most of the time they have to completed in synchronization because each task compliments the other. This regular practice helps the kid learn the art of teamwork which helps him in future.


Since the kid knows that his family will never give up on him and will be available for him whenever in need, the kid feels secure which in turn boosts up his confidence and makes him ready to take on the world.


A family is like a machine in which it’s members are the parts of the machine which work in synchronization with each other to keep the machine running smoothly. Every member, therefore, is important. This is how the kids understand the concept of living and staying together. They know and understand that even if one of the member is not in synchronization then the machinery won’t run smoothly.

Well, the list can go on and on and I can keep writing about the benefits of spending time with your family but the above points are the prime for me. We all need a family that “eats together, live together and stay together”


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12 thoughts on “Importance Of Spending Time With Family”

  1. Such heart warming article specially person like me who is such family oriented. Lovely ways & method of family bonding .

  2. Well writing and this is so nice information . Thank you so much for sharing this

  3. Family time is very importance for everyone’s sanity. It develops a sense of belongingness and involvement. It also act as a healer.

  4. Reading you post the thought that came into my mind that LOckdown opened up the scope to increase the family time in reality. Otherwise it seemed real hard to get some time to sit and spend with family before that.

  5. Its so true. Spending time with your family is the best thing to do and such a stress buster as well

  6. You’re about the importance of family time and they are really very precious. With growing technology, people usually spend most of their time on their phones and that really degrades the quality time with family.

  7. Well writing…. This is very great and very nice information. Thank you so much for sharing and informing this

  8. Yes!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and very nice information…Family time is very importance for everyone’s sanity.

  9. Family time is necessary to create strong bonds, love, connections, and relationship among the family members. Great thoughts

  10. The pandemic definitely have us all the time to stay with family and understand the a little more. It really does have innumerable benefits like the ones you’ve listed.

  11. This is soemthing very important. We may be too busy with responsibilities and other stuff that knowing family would always be there tend to be always at the last of our priorities. If the Pandemic can be seen as a good thing, that’s because it brought families back together.

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