How Does Chocolate Help To Reduce Stress ?

Chocolate is considered as the sweetest gift. Whenever we want to surprise anyone or plan to gift something sweet, the first things that comes to our mind are Chocolates. Over the time, chocolates have emerged as a strong symbol of love, care, and happy life.

No matter if the chocolates are for kids or elder ones. The happiness which we can see on their face is beyond our imagination.


Now how does chocolate help to reduce stress?


Chocolates can play an important part in reducing stress or anxiety. By having a bar or two of chocolates can help to reduce stress level. According to research, it is found that dark chocolate can have a positive effect on our brain. Further, it has been scientifically proven that dark chocolate is a great antioxidant and can be taken by anyone. Let it be the dark chocolate or homemade chocolate both are good for consumption.


When people are feeling low, depress, or stressed chocolate can act as a stress buster thus making the person feel more peaceful. By taking chocolates each day for two weeks can help to reduce the level of stress.


There are many more benefits of taking chocolates it helps to reduce blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart disease. Dark chocolate is rich in disease-fighting antioxidants. It is widely accepted that when a person consumes chocolates the person starts feeling happy and it boosts their mood because of the hormonal changes by having the chocolates.

Beetee’s Melt

Recently, I came across a new brand called Beetee’s Melt. After surfing through their website I finally purchased 2-3 different flavors from their store including dark chocolate. One thing that is best about this brand is that their chocolates do not contain refined sugar. Instead, they add Palm sugar which adds a different flavor thus increasing their nutritional value.




We can order the chocolates directly from their website and get them delivered at our doorstep. It takes 2-3 days to deliver the chocolates. I received it in 2 days. They have a wide array of flavors in their store including gluten free and vegan dark chocolate. Do check their website to see more options.


I have ordered 72% Dark chocolates with Palm sugar Vegan friendly, 48% Milk chocolate & 54% Cocunut Milk Chocolate- Vegan friendly.




The taste of coconut chocolates is amazing. I just enjoyed munching all those chocolates. My kids like both milk and dark chocolate. These chocolates makes a perfect gifting option for any special occasion in your life. And how can I forget to say about their amazing packaging? I like the print of the cover box of chocolates. It looks too cute. Don’t miss out to check their website to see more options


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16 thoughts on “How Does Chocolate Help To Reduce Stress ?”

  1. Yes, chocolates can reduce stress. I am hearing a lot about this brand. I am curious to know the taste of coconut milk in a chocolate. Having palm sugar instead of artificial sweetener is another point that interested me.

  2. I am hearing a lot about this brand a lot all across the web . I loved the fact that their chocolates are free from artificial flavors and gluten free. would love to give this a try.

  3. Chocolates are really great stress buster and even I love to have chocolates a lot, coconut flavor chocolate is one of my favorite from this brand.

  4. Yes I have heard that chocolate does reduce stress and if it is dark chocolate it works even better. For me when I am in stress I eat more chocolates so it’s vice a versa. Great post with great information.

  5. I didn’t know that chocolates can help reduce stress. All the more reason for me to have chocolate everyday now 😉 Also since Diwali is around, I will gift chocolates to my dear friends and colleagues.

  6. I have been reading a lot about these chocolates and since I am a big fan of dark chocolates, I am planning to get these for myself. 72% dark chocolate is just so perfect.

  7. I always keep dark chocolate at home for untimely sugar cravings. Haven’t tried this brand but since it contains palm sugar it definitely seems like a good choice. Will try!

  8. I have seen these chocolates on Instagram and was tempted to try them. Glad to read more into these here, and yes, they are indeed stree-buster.

  9. Stress is so dangerous and it is important to tackle it well. I know that dark chocolates are very good for handling stress, I usually keep a bit of chocolates at home.

  10. Chocolates are known for ages for reducing stress and releasing happiness hormones. I have always loved eating chocolates when under stress. And these chocolates from the brand look definitely great and worth eating.

  11. The best part of this chocolate is that it is vegan and filled with no artificial sugar. No doubt it is a delight for chocolate lovers. Now when Diwali is around, we can gift this chocolate to our friends and family through their website. Would love to give it a try ✌.

  12. Chocolates are really good for the heart, especially dark chocolates. However, like everything else, chocolates too need to be taken in moderation. These are some really exotic flavours of chocolates.

  13. Chocolates play a vital. Role in reducing stress when consumed. I made the switch to dark chocolate a couple of years back and since then it’s no looking back. The brand seems promising will ch

  14. I have heard about this concept that chocolate reduces stress at somewhere on internet. Now your post has come and I am very sure about this.

  15. I’m hearing a lot about BeeTee’s chocolates and can’t wait to have a yummy bite
    Since you have posted positive reviews, it has become mandatory for me to purchase it:)

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